Bradford Krieger Releases Boston For Bernie Benefit Compilation

Featuring 41 bands, this homegrown album is available for streaming now. —Rob Duguay

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

Boston for Bernie album cover

Boston for Bernie album cover

Ever since he announced his Democratic party candidacy for United States President in April last year, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has risen from being a guy who was originally viewed as a third-party candidate to someone who has gained a rabid following in the most unique of ways. Through the internet, especially memes (check out the Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash group on Facebook), Sanders has gotten young people excited about the political process. These young people include musicians in the New England area who want to help out Sanders with his campaign any way they can.

Curated by New Neighbor Records’ Bradford Krieger, Boston For Bernie is a 41-band compilation with all the proceeds going toward Sanders’ campaign. With a price of $1 or more, it features bands like Soft Fangs, Horse Jumper Of Love, Dirty Bangs, These Wild Plains and even Providence’s Ravi Shavi.

“My goal with putting together this compilation was to bring folks together to raise money for the campaign,” says Krieger. “I got an overwhelming response from musicians in and around the Boston area that were happy to contribute. I figure the more people share the compilation around, the more money we can raise for [Sanders].”

It’s definitely an ingenious way for people to show support for a candidate who was actually instrumental in helping start the legendary DIY music space 242 Main while as Mayor of Burlington during the 1980s.

On Super Tuesday, March 1, when the Massachusetts Primary will be taking place, Krieger will be putting on a show at the Out Of The Blue Too Art Gallery & More in Cambridge with Sun Young, Dead Elect, Puppy Problems, Community College and Saccharine. All money from the Boston For Bernie compilation will be going towards’ Bernie Sanders’ campaign, while funds raised at the show will be split between Sanders’ efforts and the Central Square gallery.

Stream and download the compilation via the Bandcamp link below.