Watch Conan O’Brien’s Bizarre Cameo on a Korean Soap Opera

He played a love guru goldfish.

If Conan O’Brien ever gets tired of the whole late night scene, he might have a future as a Korean soap opera star.

The Brookline born comedian recently traveled to Seoul, South Korea for an upcoming episode of Conan. In between buying a pet octopus and hanging out with The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun at the Demilitarized Zone, O’Brien found the time to make a cameo on the romantic drama One More Happy Ending.

As expected, the late night host’s appearance was pretty wacky. O’Brien shows up as a goldfish during a trippy scene with a distraught matchmaking consultant named Han Mi-mo, played by actress and K-pop star Jang Na-ra.

O’Brien pops up again later in the episode as a client who tries to seduce his consultant while dispensing love advice in Korean and English.

“I have one thing to tell you sincerely,” O’Brien says. “Love overcomes everything.”

Check out the hilarious clip below.