Donnie Wahlberg Endorsed Marco Rubio for President

The actor and New Kid on the Block is a big fan of Rubio.

It’s official, Donnie Wahlberg has endorsed a robot for president.

The New Kids on the Block star revealed last week that he’s backing Republican presidential hopeful and possible T-1000 prototype Marco Rubio.

While the Florida senator has been blasted for his robotic delivery and obviously canned talking points, that hasn’t stopped him from winning the coveted “not Mark” Wahlberg endorsement.

Prior to joining Team Rubio, the Dorchester-born musician and actor was a vocal supporter of Carly Fiorina, who has since dropped out of the race.

Wahlberg was spotted at a rally for Rubio in Nevada on Sunday, which came just a few days after he tweeted out his support for the Republican candidate.

Considering how well Wahlberg’s last endorsement went, it will be interesting to see if this news helps at all. According to a recent Emerson poll, Donald Trump leads the Floridian Cylon by a large margin here in Massachusetts, so he probably won’t get much of a bump from a local star in the Bay State.

If Rubio ends up bowing out (or powering down, to use the robot parlance), though, don’t expect Wahlberg to switch to team Trump, as he subtweeted the Republican frontrunner for skipping the Fox News debate because of moderator Megyn Kelly.

What strange times we live in.