Casey Affleck Had an Awkward Appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Things did not go smoothly.

Casey Affleck stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night to promote his new action film Triple 9, but things did not go smoothly.

The Massachusetts-bred actor dressed a little too casual for his appearance, which earned him a good nature ribbing at the hands of the late night host.

“Thanks for dressing up,” Colbert joked. “I can’t tell whether this choice is like the least celebrity thing to do or the most celebrity thing to do.”

Believing that the comedian was calling him out for being rude, Affleck had a pretty awkward reaction to the joke, which created some tension in the room.

That didn’t stop Colbert, though, as he continued to rag on the actor for his fashion sense. Affleck, of course, wasn’t a fan of the latest jab at his style.

“How long are we going to talk about this?” Affleck asked.

“Until I get to my joke,” Colbert replied. “It’s not a joke though. You really look like a street corner Jesus.”

The late night host tried to lighten the mood by switching subjects to Affleck’s new film. However, things quickly digressed as they failed to connect over talking points.

Colbert was able to get a laugh out of Affleck when he suggested they fight after the show.

“We should probably end up fighting at the end of this,” Colbert said. “It feels like this is where this is going.”

Check out Affleck’s appearance above.