This Spotlight Parody Trailer Uses Every Awful Boston Cliché

It's time for some new jokes.

Spotlight may be up for several nominations—including Best Picture—at this year’s Academy Awards, but don’t expect to see this parody based on the film earn a trophy anytime soon.

Using pretty much every awful cliché about Boston they could find, comedy website Above Average has created a faux trailer for the drama called Spawtlight.

Rather than exposing the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals, the reporters in this parody are out to show the world the “horrible truth about Boston.”

While Bostonians aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, like with Seth Meyers’ hilarious Boston Accent skit, this latest attempt at ragging on the city falls a little flat. Plus, calling Boston “the worst place in the world” certainly won’t help with winning over fans here in the Bay State.

And enough with the bits about clam chowder, the Dropkick Murphys, Dunkin’ Donuts, and the way we say the word “car.” Please get some new jokes.

If you must, check out the Spawtlight parody trailer above.