Museum of Science Hosts a Stargazing Bowie Tribute

See a 'Space Oddity' show at Charles Hayden Planetarium. —Barry Thompson

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

David Bowie

‘Space Oddity’ comes to the MoS in March / Courtesy image by k_tjaa and Peter Coxhead

Not quite two months following the passing of xenomorphic rawk idol David Bowie, the deluge of eulogies continues undeterred. In fact, the memorials are starting to get educational.

Similar to the group of scientists who named a constellation after the late icon, the the Museum of Science will be gazing skyward on Thursday, March 10, as it conducts “Space Oddity: A Bowie Tribute Under the Stars” at the Charles Hayden Planetarium.

The Hayden hosted its first Bowie tribute back in early February, and if this thing is half as cool as the Metallica laser show most of us saw there as a young teenager, it’ll be worth a starry-eyed gander.

The pair of displays—one at 7 p.m., the other at 8—are free of admission, and recommended for cosmically curious individuals at least as old as high school sophomores. So there’s still time to expose your niece or nephew to good music.

For a lark, here’s the title clip from Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, which is significantly trippier than any planetarium show could ever hope to be… although less likely to count as extra credit.