American Laundromat Records Releases All-Star Elliott Smith Tribute Album

'Say Yes' features the likes of Amanda Palmer, J. Mascis, Tanya Donelly, Lou Barlow, and Juliana Hatfield. —Michael Marotta

This post originally appeared on Vanyaland.

Say Yes: A Tribute To Elliott Smith

Say Yes: A Tribute To Elliott Smith / Cover art by Daykamp Creative

Every now and again, there’s an influx of Elliott Smith news, reminding us just how timeless the late musician’s career work remains. Last month, the soundtrack to Nikolas Dylan Rossi’s 2014 documentary, Heaven Adores You, featuring unreleased material, finally got a release date, and earlier this week, on the night of the Oscars, video of Smith performing “Miss Misery” back at the 1998 Academy Awards as part of the Goodwill Hunting groundswell once again made the online rounds.

Today, Connecticut-based label American Laundromat Records has, rather quietly, outlined details of a new tribute album to Smith, who died in 2003. Titled Say Yes: A Tribute To Elliott Smith, the compilation features 15 covers, including efforts by Massachusetts mainstays Amanda Palmer, J. Mascis, Tanya Donelly, Lou Barlow, and Juliana Hatfield, as well as bands like Yuck, Rhode Island’s Wild Sun, and Waxahatchee.

Say Yes is set for an October 14 release, and it comes in three formats: blue vinyl, compact disc, and mp3. There are several “bundle” packages, including a t-shirt, and you can scan them all here.

Meanwhile, American Laundromat has posted Hatfield’s cover, her take on 1995’s “Needle In The Hay”, and you can listen to it below. While it’s not necessary a new cover—it appeared on American Laundromat’s 2014’s compilation I Saved Latin: A Tribute To Wes Anderson—it does sound rather lovely. Check it out, as well as the full track listing and Daykamp Creative-designed Say Yes artwork, below.

Say Yes: A Tribute To Elliott Smith
Alphabetized by song title
Waxahatchee, “Angeles”
Julien Baker, “Ballad of Big Nothing”
Tanya Donelly, “Between the Bars”
Yuck, “Bled White”
Jesu/sun Kil Moon, “Condor Ave”
Lou Barlow, “Division Day”
Wild Sun, “Easy Way Out”
Tomo Nakayama, “Miss Misery”
Juliana Hatfield, “Needle in the Hay”
Caroline Says, “No Name #3”
Adam Franklin, “Oh Well, Okay”
Amanda Palmer, “Pictures of Me”
William Fitzsimmons, “Say Yes”
Escondido, “Waltz #1”
J. Mascis, “Waltz #2”