Bar Rescue Host Jon Taffer Explains How He’d Fix the Cheers Bar

'Nobody ever bought anything in that place.'

Jon Taffer Photo by Spike TV

Jon Taffer Photo by Spike TV

Everybody may know your name at the Cheers bar, but that doesn’t mean Jon Taffer doesn’t have a few suggestions for how to spruce the place up.

The host of Spike TV’s hit reality series Bar Rescue took some time out of his day to answer questions from fans during a live Facebook chat on Sunday. When asked about how he’d fix the watering hole featured in the classic NBC sitcom, Taffer had some critiques.

The consultant and hospitality expert explained that he’d start by having a harsh discussion with George Wendt’s Norm.

“Do you remember they’d sit at the Cheers bar and Norm would sit there and he would nurse one freaking beer for hours?” Taffer said. “The first thing I’d say is buy another beer or get the hell out of here. You’re not going to sit on that stool for hours and not buy anything.”

He added, “Nobody ever bought anything in that place.”

That may not sit well with Norm, but the extra tips would at least make Ted Danson’s Sam Malone happy.

In addition to chatting about Cheers, Taffer also revealed when Bar Rescue may be coming back to Massachusetts.

“I don’t think we’re coming to Massachusetts this season,” Taffer said. “I think we’re slated again for next season.”

Check out Taffer’s full discussion with the fans below.

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Posted by Jon Taffer on Sunday, March 6, 2016