Steve Martin Is One Wild and Crazy Guy at the MFA

He's the guest curator for an upcoming exhibition.

Steve Martin Photo by Danny Clinch

Steve Martin Photo by Danny Clinch

Steve Martin seems to be enjoying his stay in Boston so far.

The comedy legend and Saturday Night Live alum is in town to be a guest curator for The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris, an upcoming Museum of Fine Arts exhibition on the famed modernist painter Lawren Harris. The free event will be going down at the MFA this weekend.

After shipping up to Boston a few days early to prepare for the program, Martin had some fun with the museum’s staff and tweeted out a photo of himself bossing everyone around.

Martin will be speaking about Harris at the event on Saturday, March 12, which will also include appearances by artist Eric Fischl, New Yorker columnist Adam Gopnick, and MFA director Matthew Teitelbaum.

Tickets are free but limited, so be sure to get there early.