Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Louis CK’s New Show Is Like a ‘Depressed’ Cheers

The comedian chatted about Horace and Pete on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

You may not have heard, but Louis CK recently released his dark and funny series Horace and Pete for fans to download online.

Don’t feel bad if you missed the news because there was absolutely no fanfare or publicity leading up to the show’s debut. Starring CK and Steve Buscemi as a pair of bar owners, the Newton-bred comic wrote, filmed, and distributed Horace and Pete all by himself with no help from a network.

CK stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night to chat about his odd way of creating and releasing a comedy series.

“I wanted to do it myself,” CK said. “It’s fun to do it yourself because you watch people react to it and there isn’t some company making a decision, it’s just an idiot.”

Kimmel, who purchased a few episodes, compared Horace and Pete to a dramatic play with a few jokes sprinkled in, except “there’s no one laughing.”

“Mostly it’s like Cheers if everyone there was depressed,” the late night host joked.

CK agreed with his assessment and added, “It’s like what the bar that Cheers was based on was probably really like between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.”

Check out more from CK’s chat with Kimmel below.