Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Adds John Goodman

He'll join Mark Wahlberg and J.K. Simmons in Patriots Day.

The cast for Patriots Day just keeps getting better.

CBS Films has announced that actor John Goodman has signed on for a role in the upcoming movie about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The Golden Globe Award winner will play former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

“Commissioner Davis is an American hero, and John Goodman brings the extraordinary combination of humility, gravitas and empathy to portray him,” director Peter Berg said in a press release.

Goodman joins a star-studded cast for Patriots Day, including Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons, who will play Watertown police sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese and Mark Wahlberg, who will play a composite character based on various Boston police officers.

Recently, Wahlberg said that the team behind Patriots Day is “committed” to getting the story right.

“We won’t accept anything less,” Wahlberg said.

The film, which is ramping up production in town, is set to open in Boston on December 21.