Julian Edelman Offers ‘Sad Papaw’ Support on Twitter

The burger-loving Patriots star has chimed in.

New England Patriots star Julian Edelman has joined the legions of people supporting Internet sensation “Sad Papaw.”

The wide receiver recently took to Twitter to chime in on the controversy, which started when a girl tweeted a photo of her grandfather sporting a sad face when five out of his six grandkids stood him up for a cookout. Edelman couldn’t help but shake his head over the disrespectful actions.

The photo in question quickly made the rounds on social media thanks to the tweet by Oklahoma student Kelsey Harmon, whose picture of her distraught grandfather, retired iron worker Kenny Harmon, has been retweeted more than 176,000 times.

As the host of the silly web show BurgerTyme, it’s understandable that the Patriots star would have a soft spot in his heart for “Sad Papaw.” While Edelman should have beef with the grandchildren, it turns out that it was Kenny’s son’s fault for not extending them the invitation, according to US Weekly.

Things seem to be looking up for “Sad Papaw,” as he’ll be hosting a huge cookout in Oklahoma this weekend that anyone can come to, according to the Daily Mail. He’s also selling “I had a burger with papaw” shirts, with proceeds set to go to his grandchildren’s education.