MIT Will Allow Patriots Day to Film on Campus

The Marathon bombing movie starring Mark Wahlberg has received the green light.

Patriots Day, the upcoming movie about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, will be allowed to film on MIT’s campus, according to school officials.

Executive vice president and treasurer Israel Ruiz said in a letter to the MIT community on Thursday that the university has given the green light to the project starring Mark Wahlberg. However, there are a few conditions, particularly around the portrayal of MIT police officer Sean Collier, who was killed by the Tsarnaevs brothers as they attempted to evade capture following the attack.

Ruiz revealed that Collier will in fact be a character in the film, but only “peaceful” scenes involving the officer will be filmed on MIT’s campus.

“[Director Peter] Berg has asked for MIT’s permission to film on our campus entirely peaceful scenes of Sean driving to campus, walking to a room, and talking to graduate students,” Ruiz said in the letter. “In consultation with President Reif, our Chief of Police John DiFava, and the Collier Family, we have decided to permit Mr. Berg to film the scenes here. We feel it appropriate that Sean’s depiction take place not at a facsimile of MIT, but rather here, where he was proud to serve, and where he is loved.”

Ruiz added, “We and Mr. Berg agree that the scene depicting Sean’s murder will not be filmed at MIT.”

According to the letter, filming is expected to take place “for three days in June, sometime after Commencement.”

Wahlberg told Boston magazine earlier this month that Berg and the rest of the cast and crew are “committed” to getting the film right.

“He knows how important it is to get it right and we are committed to doing that,” Wahlberg said. “We won’t accept anything less.”

Production for Patriots Day will also be heading to Dorchester this month on March 30. A user posted a photo on Twitter of the notice that was handed out to residents.

Starring Mark Wahlberg, J.K. Simmons, and John Goodman, Patriots Day will debuts in theaters in Boston on December 21.