Stephen Colbert Couldn’t Stop Laughing on the Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling had a word with Colbert about his unprofessionalism on the Late Show.

Mindy Kaling stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to have a word with the late night host about his “unprofessional” behavior during his guest appearance on the Mindy Project.

When a bearded Colbert was in between gigs at the Colbert Report and the Late Show, Kaling asked the comedian to make a cameo on her sitcom as “Father Michael O’Donnell,” a Catholic priest who was to deliver a eulogy. Apparently the scene was hard to film because the late night host wouldn’t stop laughing.

The Cambridge native showed the hilarious blooper and called out Colbert when he brought up the moment during their interview on Thursday night.

“I’m glad you brought it up because I wasn’t going to,” Kaling joked. “I did not think you were very professional when you came on my show.”

She added, “I thought you didn’t handle it that well.”

Colbert pushed back at Kaling, saying that he wasn’t the only one acting “unprofessional.” The host followed up with a blooper of his own, which showed the Massachusetts-born star cracking up as they filmed a scene for the series.

“You weren’t the most professional person either,” Colbert joked.

Check out more from Kaling’s appearance on the Late Show above.

The ‘Mindy Project’ returns to Hulu for season 4 on Tuesday, April 12.