Remember When Supergirl Served McDonald’s at a Boston College?

Melissa Benoist does.

In 2009, a group of unassuming BU students went to their 8 a.m. class thinking they’d be educated on the “Fundamentals of Communication.” Twenty minutes in and they were snoozing.

But fear not, children, for unbeknownst to these bright young tired minds, everything was going according to the ad agency Arnold Worldwide’s plan. This was a setup. Suddenly, in burst chipper servers carrying trays of McDonald’s coffee to save the day. Turns out, the lecture was intentionally boring—it was all part of a cheesy McDonald’s commercial. (You can watch the ad and read the backstory on BU’s website.)

OK, so what?

Well, seven years later, a fun development. Watch closely and you may notice that one of the servers shown in the commercial is a young Melissa Benoist, who now stars on CBS’s hit show Supergirl. It turns out, long before she was saving National City, the former Glee star was rescuing bored BU students with McDonald’s iced coffees. (Um, why were none of these kids running on Dunkin’? I call BS! Anyway…)

“The most surprising on-camera role I ever had—I was in a McDonald’s commercial,” Benoist recently told EW in an “Icebreakers” video (above). “I had to do a candid-camera kind of version of McDonald’s. I was essentially hired to be a waitress in a commercial, and I was actually serving sausage egg-and-cheese McMuffins to Boston college students in their lecture on ethics.”

Breakfast delivery? Now that’s a superhero.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS. BU, I’m told, is still oftentimes boring.