Chris Evans Invited Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman to the Captain America Premiere

What about Tom Brady?

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Chris Evans on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Photo by Randy Holmes / ABC

Chris Evans and his merry band of Marvel pals stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to chat about their latest blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War.

The Boston-bred actor revealed that, instead of bringing his family to the upcoming premiere, Evans will be bringing a few friends from “home base” including “a few Patriots players.” Surprisingly, the announcement didn’t receive a chorus of boos from the west coast crowd.

The Star-Spangled Avenger name-dropped a few of the New England stars that he plans to bring as guests, such as Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Evans also asked Rob Gronkowski, but he’s not sure if the tight end will be able to make it.

“I actually didn’t hear back,” Evans said. “You know what Gronk, I’m putting that on you.”

He added, “I can’t believe I just started a beef with Gronk.”

As an avid Patriots fan, Evans said that he’s been to a few games over the years with owner Robert Kraft. The actor felt a bit out of place when he got the chance to hang out in the locker room with some of the players, comparing the experience to a theater nerd hanging out with jocks.

Kimmel took a few shots at Patriots fans during the interview, saying that their worship of Tom Brady borders on being sexual.

Evans admitted to the late night host that he’s actually never met Brady, which might explain why he didn’t invite him to the premiere. He also acted like bit of a fanboy over the quarterback.

“You want it to happen organically,” the actor said. “I don’t want anyone to force me into it. You do you. Just keep winning Super Bowls. If we meet we meet.”

He joked, “I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.”

Check out a clip from Evans interview with Kimmel below.