Joe Biden, David Ortiz Featured in ‘One Boston Day’ Video

Elizabeth Warren, Mark Wahlberg, and other notable locals also offered their support.

David Ortiz Photo by City of Boston / Screenshot via Youtube

David Ortiz Photo by City of Boston / Screenshot via Youtube

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill joined Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and a host of Boston-bred stars and politicians in a video promoting this year’s “One Boston Day.”

Mayor Marty Walsh declared April 15 “One Boston Day” during a ceremony last year, calling upon citizens to perform random acts of kindness as a way to honor those who were affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing tragedy.

According to a description for this year’s video, the day serves as “an opportunity to celebrate the resiliency, generosity, and strength demonstrated by the people of Boston and those around the world in response to the tragedy of April 15th, 2013.”

In addition to Biden and Big Papi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Walsh, former Governor Deval Patrick, and Patriots Day star Mark Wahlberg are also featured in the short clip alongside a number of other notable locals. The collection of celebrities and legislators asks Bostonians to do whatever act of kindness they can in order to show the world just how strong Boston truly is.

“Remember, Boston owns the finish line,” Biden says in the video.

Check out the full “One Boston Day” video below.

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