John Krasinski Had a Fashion Faux Pas in Front of Anna Wintour

His wife Emily Blunt revealed the embarrassing story on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Emily Blunt on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Photo by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' via Youtube / Screenshot

Emily Blunt on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Photo by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ via Youtube / Screenshot

Emily Blunt had a laugh over her husband John Krasinski’s recent fashion faux pas during her chat on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

According to Blunt, the Boston-bred actor had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on the opening night of his off-Broadway production Dry Powder, which his stars in along with Claire Danes.

“John came out for his first scene, and his suit jacket was tucked into his pants, like really tucked right in there,” Blunt said. “I heard myself say, ‘Oh my god, no!'”

Blunt told Kimmel that she panicked after seeing the mishap because she knew that Krasinski wouldn’t be able to take care of the situation until his 25 minute scene was over. The actress kept asking herself, “Could I go up there somehow?” and “How do I get his jacket out of his crack?”

Thankfully, Kraskinski’s co-star and Tufts University alum Hank Azaria was there to save the day with some slick moves.

“I could see he changed a certain move he did on stage,” Blunt said. “He came behind him and just wrenched it out of the back of his pants, like a saint.”

While the couple had hoped to avoid any further embarrassment during the show, in turns out that Azaria’s rescue came a little bit too late.

According to the actress, Krasinski’s onstage costume issues went down in front of fashion icon and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who was apparently in the audience on opening night.

“John said as he felt the jacket like brush against his bum and come out, he looked up and saw Anna Wintour like in the crowd and he was like, ‘No!'” Blunt said. “Biggest fashion faux pas.”

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