Rob Gronkowski’s Reveals His Tinder Secrets to ESPN

'Swipe right on everything.'

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Photo by Stephan Savoia / AP

If you’re looking to take your digital dating game to the next level, Patriots star Rob Gronkowski has some advice for you.

Always the ladies man, Gronk revealed some of the secrets to his success on Tinder in a story on how athletes use technology to date for an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine.

The tight end—who used to go by the screen name “chickmagnet4life” on AIM—told ESPN that he first tried Tinder about four years ago, but only as a joke. While his first foray into digital dating wasn’t serious, it seems like he was a pretty popular pick, as Gronkowski admitted that he “was matching like crazy.”

But if you’re not constantly getting scores of dates, Gronk suggests taking a more proactive approach.

“Swipe right on everything,” he told ESPN. “Get the ball rolling.”

While swiping right on apps like Tinder will get a ton of conversations started, it’s not a guarantee for success. Don’t worry, though. Gronk’s got some more secrets up his sleeve.

“Make them laugh,” he said. “Just Google ‘Tinder pickup lines.'”

Well, maybe that last bit of advice only works if you’re a Super Bowl-winning NFL star.