John Oliver Calls Red Sox Fans ‘Insufferable’ in Segment on Cicadas

The Last Week Tonight host filled the insects in on the past 17 years, including the World Series wins for Boston.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver recently dropped a web exclusive clip about the return of the cicadas during the show’s off week.

The HBO host devoted the online segment to filling the noisy insects in on what they’ve been missing throughout their 17-year slumber. As it turns out, the latest batch of cicadas have missed quite a bit since their eggs were buried underground in 1999.

“If their anything like humans conceived in 1999, I’m guessing all the girl cicadas are named Madison and the boy cicadas are named Tyler,” Oliver joked.

In an attempt to clue the insects in on the past two decades, the comedian went through a list of big news and pop culture events that have occurred in order to welcome the creatures to the new millennium.

While the comedian talked about topics like the dawn of YouTube and Beyoncé becoming “basically our queen now,” Oliver also snuck in a jab at Boston sports fans during the segment.

“In sports news, the Red Sox finally won a World Series, making their fans somehow even more insufferable,” he said.

Ouch, John. We guess we should be thankful that you didn’t remind them of what Tom Brady’s been up to these days.

Check out the full Last Week Tonight with John Oliver clip above.