Photos from the New* South End Open Market at Ink Block

Crowds at the beloved market were consistent throughout the day, despite occasional rain and a new location.

* In case you missed it, the artisanal market formerly known as SoWa Sundays is now two separate markets. The organizers of the market you knew and loved have moved their operation to Ink Block—call it the “South End Open Market.” The property owners have launched their own market at the location you knew and loved—call it the “SoWa Open Market.”

Below, see what you missed from the South End Open Market’s opening day.

South End Open Market Ink Block Opening Day 2016 1

The South End Open Market opened at its new location across from the Ink Block buildings. / Photo by Sarah Fisher

Unlike previous years, the Sound End Open Market vendors congregated in one cohesive space this year at a new, condensed market now located across from Ink Block, in the Tufts Health Science Campus parking lot.

The new open layout seemed to be a success—despite the rain, crowds were constant all day.

As usual, the market sold a usual mix of goods, ranging from hand-knit plant holders to giant ice cream sandwiches (I’m lookin’ at you, Frozen Hoagies). Crowd favorites such as Union Square Donuts and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese also made an appearance. Succulents proved to still be cool, showing up at more vendors than not.

Near the middle of the market, people young and old partook in free face painting while a DJ played tunes all day, sponsored by Capitol One.

Below, check out more scenes from opening day at the South End Open Market, now at Ink Block:



Photos from the SoWa Open Market