Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon Poured Ice Down Each Other’s Pants

The Tonight Show put Captain America back on ice.

Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon

Chris Evans on the ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Photo by Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

Chris Evans got to chill with Jimmy Fallon in more ways than one on Tuesday’s episode of the Tonight Show.

The Boston-bred actor stopped by the late night program to promote his latest Marvel blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, and also chatted about his adorable rescue dog, who just loves his toddler niece.

While their conversation was pleasant, things turned cold when Fallon unveiled his new celebrity game, “Frozen Blackjack.”

Each star took turns dealing hands of blackjack, but not for cash. The winner of each round got the chance to pour a pitcher of ice water on the loser using a funnel, a strange homage to Captain America’s origin story since the superhero was discovered frozen in a block of ice.

After winning the first hand, Evans was clearly having way too much fun as he let his Boston accent slip while telling Fallon where the funnel was going to be placed.

“[It’s] going to go down your pants, big guy,” Evans said.

The late night host got the last laugh, though, and gave the Avengers star a taste of his own medicine and then some.

Check out the full hilarious clip below.