A Very Not Safe Interview with Comedian Nikki Glaser

The Comedy Central star is performing in Boston this weekend.

Nikki Glaser

‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’ Photo by Danny Feld / Comedy Central

Whether it’s asking her parents about their sexual history or seeing how uncomfortable she can make guys with outrageous messages on Tinder, Nikki Glaser isn’t afraid to “go there” with her Comedy Central series Not Safe.

Before she takes over Boston with a string of shows this weekend, we had a no-holds-barred chat with the comedian about her most awkward moments on the show, if Jerry Seinfeld would ever do her version of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” and more. In typical Nikki Glaser fashion, our conversation with her was a little not safe for work, so be prepared.

What’s the most awkward skit you’ve done so far for Not Safe?

You would think it’s me asking my parents if they’ve had anal sex, but it was probably interviewing couples who were about to get married. I was interviewing them about what they had already done in their past to make sure that they were OK getting married and that they’ve already scratched everything off their bucket lists since they’ll never be able to do any sex things with anyone else ever again. This one couple, the girl was getting so sad at everything that she was learning that her fiancé had done before her. She was getting bummed out and by the end, she was like seriously sad. I was like, “Oh my god. I’m like maybe ruining their engagement.”

You did a hilarious take on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Think he’d ever do your version of the show?

Where he would sit on a vibrator?


Man, I would love to see that. The thing is, we haven’t found a thing that would make guys have orgasms by just like sitting there. We thought about having comedians with cock rings drinking coffee, but unless you have an active boner and put it on, it’s really not going to do anything… There really isn’t a guy equivalent that we’ve found, so until there is, we can’t even proposition Seinfeld to do it. But no, I don’t think he would ever, ever do anything like it. I hope he’s seen it. I bet he respects it, but he would never do anything like it.

According to a Vanity Fair interview, Jenny McCarthy was an inspiration for you growing up. Is that true?

When I read that I was like, “Did I say that?” But then I was like, yeah, I think I did, because I remember she was hot but also kind of raunchy and wasn’t a typical hot girl. She wasn’t being prissy and she wasn’t just your typical, “Oh, I’m a lady.” She was perverted and kind of gross. I remember the Jenny McCarthy Show being kind of funny and I remember her being just like one of the boys. I remember her being counter to everything I thought girls should be on TV, or whatever. I kind of liked her vibe. She seemed pretty fearless with her sexuality and with everything else. I saw something in her that I liked…

Although now I don’t really like her. I’m not that crazy about her right now because she’s been mean to one of my friends so I’m not crazy about her. But like in the past, during the MTV days, I definitely loved her. I don’t know what it was. I think it’s because she farted and burped and stuff.

Who would be in your comedy version of Mount Rushmore? You only get four.

My Rushmore, just people that make me laugh the hardest is… Ugh, this is hard. Let me look at a list of people we want to have on the show as guests. Amy [Schumer]. Dave Atell. Let’s see who else. Then I got to go Bill Burr. And I guess [Mitch] Hedberg. That’s what I’ll do.

What about dream guests for Not Safe? Anyone you’d just love to have on the show?

I’d love to have on Amy because she’s my friend and she’s like my favorite comic, but I think it’s like feasible, so I don’t think that should be my dream. I want it to be someone who I could never get. Jennifer Aniston, I think, is my dream guest because I just want to bro down with her about sex and stuff.

Nikki Glaser performs at Laugh Boston on Friday and Saturday, May 6-7.

This interview has been edited and condensed.