Kenan Thompson Showed Off His Big Papi Impression on Late Night with Seth Meyers

David Ortiz has some interesting new sponsorships, according to the Saturday Night Live star.

Kenan Thompson on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Kenan Thompson on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Photo by Lloyd Bishop / NBC

Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson once again broke out his inner Big Papi during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night.

The comedian has been getting a lot of laughs recently for his impression of David Ortiz and his many sponsorships, and apparently the Red Sox slugger is a big fan of the Weekend Update skit.

Meyers, who is an avid Boston sports fan himself, showed Thompson a tweet that Ortiz sent in response to one joke, which had to do with opening up a gym for iguanas.

“You like working out at the gym, but you wish there were a bunch of lizards in there too?” Thompson said while performing the skit as Big Papi skit on Late Night. “Come to Iguananox.”

“That was the best time we’ve ever done it,” Thompson added.

The SNL star also showed off some of Ortiz’s new sponsorships, like Mojawks–“It’s like the hair but they forgot the sides”–and Slow-Ass Pandas, which is for people who think Panda Express is too fast.

Jokes aside, Thompson gave Ortiz some love for being such a good sport.

“He’s the best,” the comedian said. “He’s one of those people that you can like pull that kind of comedy on.”

Check out Thompson’s Big Papi impression on Late Night below.