Rob Gronkowski Proves He’s the King of the Bros in GQ Video

Plus, four things we learned from Gronk's cover story.

Whether he’s on land or at sea, Rob Gronkowski is never afraid to show off his bro side.

The Patriots star, who recently landed on the cover of GQ, decided to definitively prove his status as the ultimate king of the bros in a new video for the magazine.

Dubbed the “Bro Combine,” GQ put Gronk through the party rock ringer as they tested the Super Bowl-winning tight end’s abilities to rip off his shirt and set up a beer bong in 30 seconds. The hilarious video also showcases his notorious dance moves, in addition to his many other bro-like tendencies and traits.

If the clip, which you can check out above, isn’t enough Gronk goodness for you, his cover story for GQ dropped on Monday as well.

As expected, the lengthy piece takes readers on a whirlwind journey through what it’s like to party with the the Patriots star and his pals in Miami.

Here are a few highlights from Gronk’s first cover feature for GQ:

He’s a Light Traveller

When Gronk goes on trips, he only takes a single suitcase filled with a dozen pairs of boxer briefs, three pairs of shorts, two tank tops, and one suit. Oh, and he also brings along a SpongeBob Squarepants backpack.

His Other Nickname Is ‘Bobby Whiskers’

Gronk has trouble growing hair on his face and chest, so his friends call him “Bobby Whiskers.” He assures fans that his hairlessness is all natural. “Except, like, sometimes I get like a little couple pieces of hair on my chest and stomach,” Gronkowski told GQ. “I just take the quick razor and shave it off when it gets super long. I don’t like any hair.”

He Has an Interesting Drink of Choice

Gronk admitted that he doesn’t like the taste of alcohol and only drinks “to have fun” and “to feel good.” His go-to drink, though, is vodka with water and “a lemon or a splash of cranberry.” There’s a method to his madness as Gronk explains that “it puts the water in you while you’re drinking,” that way “you’re getting your fluids.”

He Would Dine with Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton

Gronk isn’t a particularly political person, but when it comes to which presidential candidate he’d have dinner with, it’s a no-brainer. The Patriots star would choose Donald Trump for one simple reason: “Because he’s Donald Trump!”

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