Three Local Museums Are Joining Snapchat

Preview new installations and go on emoji art history tours at the MFA, ICA, and Peabody Essex Museum.

Snapchats provided by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Snapchats provided by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

If you’ve ever felt that the only thing missing from your art appreciation experience was emojis, tomorrow is your lucky day.

Wednesday, May 18 marks the official launch of three area museum Snapchat accounts. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Peabody Essex Museum will now have art-filled stories for your social media consumption. The museums are joining Snapchat in honor of Art Museum Day, an annual celebration of the importance of museums.

There will also be an “Art Museum Day” Snapchat story on Wednesday showing how museums around the world are celebrating.

The local museum Snap stories will include tours of exhibitions, galleries, and installations. The MFA is offering an emoji art history tour of collection highlights while the Peabody Essex Museum will virtually explore the newly opened Rodin exhibit, showing video of the BoSoma dance company responding to the works in modern gestural performances. (No word on if Rodin face swaps are in order.) The ICA will offer a more behind-the-scenes look at the museum, and plans to exhibit its new outdoor sculptures by Ugo Rondinone on Snapchat this summer.

If you’re appreciating art in person on Wednesday, the MFA will have a special Snapchat geofilter for the day.

The future of museums is here. And it is in the form of a bright yellow ghost icon.

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