B.J. Novak’s New Arthur Character Is a Cool, Hipster Teacher

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B.J. Novak in 'Arthur'

B.J. Novak in ‘Arthur’ Photo by © 2015 WGBH. Underlying TM/© Marc Brown

The popular, WGBH kids cartoon Arthur will feature a special guest star later this month.

Former The Office actor and writer B.J. Novak is lending his voice to a character named M.C. during the two-part episode “The Last Day,” which airs on Monday.

The Newton native’s character causes quite the commotion as the cool, new 4th grade teacher at Lakewood Elementary. According to an episode description, Arthur and Buster “will do anything” in order to land a spot in M.C.’s class.

B.J. Novak in 'Arthur'

B.J. Novak in ‘Arthur’ Photo by © 2015 WGBH. Underlying TM/© Marc Brown

If the beanie and meditation pose weren’t dead giveaways, Novak’s character clearly has a hipster streak in him, which was further confirmed by preview clip for the upcoming episode that was published by Buzzfeed.

In the scene, M.C. runs into Arthur and Buster at an ice cream shop and orders the most hipster desert possible: “Goji berry soy-yo in a gluten free cone.” He also tells the students that he doesn’t really consider himself to be a teacher, preferring to call himself a “mind guide.”

Surprisingly, Arthur and Buster seem to dig M.C.’s vibe, meaning that they’ll probably grow up to wear flannel and serve soy lattes at a fair trade coffee shop in Brooklyn, which wouldn’t be the worst gig in the world.

Novak’s guest appearance on Arthur will air on Monday, May 23.

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