Andy Cohen Asked B.J. Novak If He and Mindy Kaling Hook Up

The Watch What Happens Live host got pretty blunt with the former Office star and List app creator.

B.J. Novak Rachel Bloom

B.J. Novak and Rachel Bloom on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ / Via YouTube

What’s your threshold for awkwardness? Is it 48 seconds of one famous person being asked if he has sex with another famous person? Then tune right in to Watch What Happens Live, where host Andy Cohen dove right into that hot topic with B.J. Novak. It starts out innocently enough, with Cohen asking Novak what he gets asked about most often, and Novak sheepishly admitting it’s his relationship with former co-star Mindy Kaling. But Andy Cohen doesn’t want to skirt around the issue. Instead, after Novak gives a slightly rambling answer about what their relationship is, he flat out asks Novak if they’ve had sex in the last year.

While the duo can be a little coy about their role in each other’s lives, and are even writing a book together about the subject (or were, as of last year), it’s hard not to feel a little sympathy for someone being asked on TV about the specifics of his sex life. We are all Crazy Ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom in this moment: a little shocked, but still, despite ourselves, curious about the answer.