Mindy Kaling Calls Out Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap at 41st Gracie Awards

'No man on my show makes more money than me.'

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Photo by Emily Shur / NBC

Mindy Kaling did not shy away from calling out Hollywood’s gender pay gap at the 41st Gracie Awards on Tuesday night.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Mindy Project star and executive producer made a strong statement about the issue at the awards show, held in Beverly Hills.

“For years and years, the role of the lead actress on a sitcom was to do two things: look amazing and to make one-third of what my male co-star makes,” Kaling said. “So I want to be clear, I do always look amazing on the show, and no man on my show makes more money than me.”

The Cambridge native spoke out against the industry’s pay inequality while accepting the award for outstanding cast ensemble at the annual ceremony, which celebrates successful women in media.

In a addition to Kaling, the Gracie Awards honored Emmy-winning actress Allison Janney, Today host Kathy Lee Gifford, as well as former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, who received a lifetime achievement award.

This isn’t the first time that the Mindy Project star has offered her thoughts on what’s wrong with the world of entertainment.

During a talk at the Watermark Conference in San Jose last month, Kaling opened up about trying to make it in the industry and having doors slammed in her face, according to Glamour.

While she’s never afraid to speak her mind, she admitted that sometimes it’s better to work through issues by writing them down.

“I have a lot of opinions, and when I see injustice, I feel like I need to say it,” Kaling said. “But I have learned that it is a lot more valuable to write it down and remember it. It becomes a powerful tool.”

She added, “I have found that by knowing what my obstacles were and making note of it, I could be crafty and I could strategize.”