New Kids on the Block Want to Give Rob Gronkowski Party Cruise Lessons

'We definitely have some notes for Rob.'


Photo by Pop TV

The New Kids on the Block crew are ready to set sail on a new season of their hit reality series Rock This Boat.

Season two, which premieres Wednesday night on Pop TV, will feature a few changes as the band decided to turn the cameras on themselves for the first time, offering fans a backstage look at what it’s like to be out at sea with thousands of screaming Blockheads.

“Last season, it was mostly about our fans and about the experience the fans get. Now it’s kind of both,” Jordan Knight says. “It’s our experience and their experience as well. You get a behind the scenes look at the five guys.”

Whether it’s behind the camera or in front of it, things tend to get a little crazy when you’re traveling on the high seas with NKOTB.

Reminiscing over their favorite moments, the group fondly recalls Danny Wood getting flashed last season and Jonathan Knight jumping into a pool while wearing a onesie. Joey McIntyre even admits to stripping on stage one year.

“I think the point is like, ‘Who’s going to step up tonight?'” McIntyre says. “We really want to give 150 percent every year. There’s a certain amount of pressure that I think we put on ourselves because we want to make it better every year.”

He adds, “Somehow, I think we’re able to definitely give them the time of their lives.”

Rock This Boat

Photo by Pop TV

Surprisingly, the band has been participating in party cruises for quite some time.

Wood reveals that their initial attempt at rocking out on a boat in the ’90s “was just terrible” because they were pretty much confined to their quarters.

“Now it’s nice to do the cruise. We can walk around and take pictures with people,” Wood says. “The fans are all grown up and they use their hard-earned money to get on the boat, so it’s a lot more enjoyable this time around.”

As veterans of the cruise ship scene, NKOTB have taken notice of Rob Gronkowski’s first foray into partying out on open waters.

“We definitely have some notes for Rob,” McIntyre says.

While the band members have been big fans of the Patriots tight end—especially since he attended the release party for their album 10—they do have a few suggestions for how Gronk can improve his party cruise.

They thinks it’s “atrocious” that Gronkowski didn’t have a ship booked for just his fans and want him to come aboard the NKOTB boat to “take some notes.”

“Rob, you can have your own boat. Don’t share it with someone else,” McIntyre says. “You’re Rob Gronkowski. You don’t share a cruise ship, you get your own cruise ship. So we can do that for him, No. 1, and No. 2, come on our cruise and maybe learn the way.”

Despite giving Gronk some flack, the group admits that they “love the guy” and would jump at the chance to party with him on a boat.

“We’re going to invite him on our next cruise,” Jordan Knight says.

But would NKOTB ever collaborate with Gronk for the ultimate Boston party ship? McIntyre says that it could happen since Donnie Wahlberg has been close with the Patriots star lately.

“Don’t let Donnie get ahold of that idea,” McIntyre says. “We’re going to meet at sea and build a bridge.”

Season 2 of ‘Rock This Boat’ premieres on Pop TV Wednesday, June 1 at 8:30 p.m.