Steven Tyler Talks Tom Brady, Bringing His Solo Tour to Boston

'Maybe they ought to make it legal to deflate the ball.'

Steven Tyler, Tom Brady

Photo by Stephan Savoia / AP

Steven Tyler had plenty to say about his pal Tom Brady during a conference call for his new solo album and tour on Wednesday afternoon.

The Aerosmith frontman—who previously “admitted” to being the “locker room guy” on Jimmy Kimmel Live—said he loves Tom Brady and thinks people are being a little too harsh on him over Deflategate.

Tyler also made a few interesting comparisons while ranting about the Patriots quarterback, saying that Brady’s situation is not all that different from other sports scandals or even Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky controversy.

What’s his name in baseball they threw out because they caught him gambling? Pete Rose. And it’s like Clinton for getting a little head in the White House. You think he’s the only president that ever did that in the White House? Does anybody think that any great baseball players or football players haven’t cheated or broken the rules or taken some drug or whatever? They all have, and to single out the ones that do, I’m not sure where the whole thing goes. What do you do? Do you tell Tom Brady to quit? A man that great, a phenomenal, across all barriers great football player? You can’t do that. Tom’s a good man to begin with. Maybe they ought to make it legal to deflate the ball. And he’s married to a supermodel so, come on.

Tyler’s unwavering support for Brady will likely be music to fans’ ears here in Boston, and they can show him some love when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame icon returns to his old stomping grounds this fall, when he performs at the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre on September 4. His first solo album We’re All Somebody From Somewhere, comes out on July 15.

While he’ll definitely play a few classic Aerosmith tunes, expect a much quieter version of the Demon of Screamin’ when he comes back to town.

“I’m really getting a chance to sing a different style of song, if you will,” Tyler said. “We play a little quieter on stage so you can hear, you know, banjo and slide guitar, and you can hear the mandolin, and it’s just beautiful the way it pokes out.”

Having worked with legendary producers like T Bone Burnett on the album, Tyler said that he’s extremely grateful to have gotten the chance to record in the “musical Mecca called Nashville.” The musician admitted that he’s giddy to “show off” his new stuff to the world and to his fans in Boston.

“Boston, I can’t wait,” Tyler said. “For the country fans in Boston, I think they’re going to lose their s–t.”