Matt LeBlanc Explained to James Corden How He Learned to Kick It into Top Gear

The Newton native had some interesting driving lessons as a kid.

James Corden with Alison Brie and Matt LeBlanc

Photo by Sonja Flemming / CBS

People from Massachusetts have a reputation for being bad drivers, but Matt LeBlanc may be an exception.

The Newton native stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night to chat about his latest gig as a co-host on the wildly popular British car series Top Gear.

LeBlanc revealed that he likely scored the job after impressing producers during a previous, guest appearance on the show for a racing segment.

“They put like a star in a reasonably priced car and everybody has to go around the track in the same car,” LeBlanc said. “I set the record when I went. So it was good. When they were looking for new hosts they said, ‘Lets get that guy, he’s pretty quick, I guess.'”

The former Friends star later explained to Corden that it was his grandfather who taught him how to kick it into top gear as a kid, although the driving lessons weren’t exactly the safest.

“He used to sit me on his lap and I would steer and it was easier for him to drink his beer,” LeBlanc joked. “The longer the trip, the more dangerous it would get.”

Having driven on both sides of the pond, LeBlanc went on to settle the American drivers versus British drivers debate, saying that people in the U.S. are better behind the wheel.

Corden put LeBlanc’s statement to the test in a hilarious segment called “Bottom Gear,” which you can check out below.