Watch: Matt Damon Pretends He’s Actually Jason Bourne to Prank People

The actor pulled a spy-themed ruse for charity.

Matt Damon

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Matt Damon is taking his role as Jason Bourne a bit literally these days.

In a hilarious new video, the actor puts his CIA knowledge to work as he tries to convince unsuspecting strangers to go on a ridiculous adventure in a spy-themed prank. The clip was put together to bring more eyeballs to Damon’s Omaze campaign, which is raising money for his charity.

The video features a group of strangers who unknowingly get recruited by the actor to participate in a crazy scavenger hunt. After receiving a cell phone from a random bystander, each person was given a call and asked to perform ridiculous tasks without knowing that the voice on the other end belonged to Damon.

The strangers who put their faith in the Cambridge-born actor’s disembodied voice were rewarded with a pretty sweet prize of tickets to the premiere of Jason Bourne. Not a bad deal, but it’s still probably a bad idea to trust phone call from a random person, even if it happens to be a famous movie star like Damon.

Check out the full clip below.

If you want to win a chance to hang out with Damon at the Jason Bourne premiere without going through a spy-themed prank, there’s still time to donate to his Omaze campaign.