Bryan Cranston Regrets Turning Down Role in Spotlight

The actor revealed to Larry King that he was offered a role in the Oscar-winning film.


Photo by  Kerry Hayes / Open Road Films

Spotlight was filled to the brim with stars, but the Oscar-winning film nearly included another A-list actor.

During a recent interview on Larry King Now, the legendary talk show host asked Bryan Cranston about the role he regrets turning down the most. The Breaking Bad star revealed that he nearly starred in Spotlight as one of the reporters, but was forced to pass on the part due to a scheduling conflict.

Cranston was unable to join the project about the Boston Globe‘s investigation into the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals because he was already committed to shooting The Infiltrator, his latest flick about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

“I was offered a role in Spotlight,” Cranston told King. “I had to turn it down because I was already committed to Infiltrator and there was a crossover of time. I had to turn it down.”

While The Infiltrator is poised to be another gold star on the actor’s résumé, no one would blame Cranston if he kicked himself over turning down the Spotlight gig. It did win an Academy Award for Best Picture after all.

Even though he regrets turning down the role, Cranston had nothing but praise for the film after seeing it.

“That’s a good movie,” he said.

Check out a clip from Cranston’s chat with King below.

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