Thompson Square to Perform in Boston for Clay Buchholz Charity Event

Keifer Thompson talks coming to town, Steven Tyler going country, and more.

Thompson Square

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Not to be confused with the Charlestown landmark, country duo Thompson Square is coming to Boston this week for a special performance at the 4th annual Buchholz Bowl and Benefit Bash.

The event, which will take over Lucky Strike Lanes and the House of Blues on Thursday night, will raise money for the nonprofit organization run by Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz and his wife Lindsay.

Keifer Thompson, who plays in Thompson Square opposite his wife Shawna, says that the Grammy-nominated group is excited to return to the city, especially to help out a good cause.

“We always love to come to Boston,” Thompson said. “We’re just really pumped to be there. If something we do is a good thing to be involved with and have our name on it, then we’ll hop right on it.”

While Massachusetts is a far cry from their home of Alabama, the group should find the Bay State to be pretty welcoming since country music has exploded in popularity in the region over the past few years.

Thompson notes that things have changed dramatically thanks to an influx of new and different styles into country music. This has allowed the genre to have a wider appeal, making it more attractive to a larger fanbase.

“They just automatically assume that it’s your grandpa’s country and it’s not anymore,” Thompson said. “It’s really nice to be a part of the fabric of the new country music.”

One familiar voice that’s recently adopted a country twang is none other than Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. The Demon of Screamin’ will be going on his first solo tour this year following the release of his debut country album.

Thompson thinks it’s great that Tyler is willing to try something so radically different than what he’s used to, particularly at such a late stage in his music career.

“He’s done Aerosmith for forever,” Thompson said. “If he wants to expand a little bit into this, I think it’s cool.”

Of course, the musician thinks it would be great to have a country jam session with Tyler, but for now he’s got plenty of other big things to focus on.

In addition to the group’s slate of gigs, Thompson revealed that the band is also working on a new album which will heavily reflect the married couple’s life as newly-minted parents. Their five-month old son Cooper recently got his first taste at country stardom after being featured in the video for the band’s new single “You Make It Look So Good.”

Even though Thompson never imagined that he would one day become a father, he says that having Cooper has made his life more meaningful and more enjoyable.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” Thompson said. “He’s such good kid, such a good baby.”

Thompson Square performs at the 4th annual Buchholz Bowl and Benefit Bash on Thursday, July 7. For more information check out