Matt Damon Gave Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Awful Blackjack Advice

'Bourne loser is back again.'

It’s probably a good idea not to take gambling advice from Matt Damon.

The actor made a surprise appearance during a Jimmy Kimmel Live skit on Monday night, where he wore a Journey wig and tried to help the late-night host’s aunt play blackjack at a casino in Las Vegas. Aunt Chippy was playing to win some money for Kimmel’s studio audience, however, the Jason Bourne star ended up being a bit of a bad luck charm for everyone involved.

In typical Damon vs. Kimmel fashion, the Massachusetts native ended up spoiling the comedian’s night as Chippy lost all of her money in her first hand after listening to Damon’s advice.

“Now we have no money and I’m going to tell you why, because Matt Damon showed up,” Kimmel joked. “He took all your money from you and now we have nothing.”

To his credit, Damon did try to rectify the situation and bankrolled a few extra hands for Chippy. Unfortunately, it seems like the actor didn’t learn much from his Ocean’s 11 days, as Kimmel’s aunt ended up losing all of the chips while following Damon’s lead.

“Well there he is everybody,” Kimmel said. “Bourne loser is back again.”

Check out the full clip above.