Ben Affleck Is Vindicated in Honest Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batfleck proved the haters wrong.

Ben Affleck

Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics

As expected, Screen Junkies wasn’t kind to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in its latest Honest Trailer video.

The film, which was universally panned by critics, gets ripped apart in the clip for its overly convoluted plot and many ridiculous moments. Aside from making fun of that asinine “Martha!” scene and Jesse Eisenberg’s cartoonish Lex Luthor, the Honest Trailer was actually really nice to Ben Affleck.

The actor received a ton of hate from fans online when it was announced that he would be playing the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman, however, Batfleck was able to prove all the haters wrong with his work in the film.

Screen Junkies seems to have agreed with our assessment of Affleck’s performance as they also praised the star’s take on Batman.

“The actor we all assumed would be the worst part of this movie is by far the best part of this movie,” the narrator declares.

Even though Batman v Superman was a critical dud, at least Affleck can take solace in the fact that his Honest Trailer was a lot nicer to him than the one Matt Damon got for The Martian.

Check out the full hilarious clip below.