A New Greenway Mural Was Painted This Week

Check out a timelapse of Kawandeep Virdee in action at the Lincoln Street Triangle.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway’s newest mural is ready for Instagramming

Interactive installation artist Kawandeep Virdee started painting the curving pink-and-yellow design earlier this week. Titled “Pink Lines as Concentric Arches on Yellow,” the installation is now viewable at the Lincoln Street Triangle—the spot where the Leather District meets Chinatown across from Gracenote Coffee. The area was added to the Greenway Conservancy’s care last July.

This installation, measuring 145 feet long by four feet tall, is Virdee’s largest mural to date. It draws on the concept of using simple lines to create patterns that echo both geometric repetition and craft. Virdee, who is also the cofounder of New American Public Art, calls the design “a giant confetti hug” in his artist statement.

“As Kawandeep has said himself, his works revolve around ideas that invite the public to be expressive, playful and creative,” said the Greenway’s public art curator, Lucas Cowan, in a statement. “I am intrigued with Virdee’s repetitious patterning of lines, intersecting with each other, just as the Leather District, Chinatown and the Financial District cohesively come together at this exact intersection on Lincoln Street.”

Check out a timelapse of Virdee in action below.