Watch Rob Gronkowski Teach a Dance Class His New Touchdown Celebration

Gronk talked about his new moves, dancing onstage with Paul McCartney, and offered his thoughts on Pokémon Go.

Rob Gronkowski

Photo by Matt Juul

A group of lucky fans got the chance to learn a few moves from dance floor pro and Patriots star Rob Gronkowski on Friday morning.

The tight end led a class of around 50 people through some warmups and routines before teaching them his new touchdown celebration at Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill. After the cardio-infused dance session, Gronk revealed the origins of his groovy moves.

“I got them from my mom,” he jokingly told Boston magazine.

The Patriots star’s latest end zone celebration is a food-themed dance, appropriately called the “Jerky Jam.” He taught the class his new moves by ripping open a bag of Oberto beef jerky and spiking it on the ground, in true Gronk fashion.

The tight end hopes to show off the dance during the season, as long as it doesn’t violate any NFL rules. The league has been cracking down on touchdown celebrations over the years, and Gronk believes that the NFL needs to calm down a bit.

“They should definitely lighten up a bit. A little celebration’s always good,” he says. “You work hard all year and when you get a chance to celebrate, I think you should be able to.”

From taking a ballet class to rocking out on stage with Paul McCartney, Gronk’s dancing skills have been on full display this year. The Super Bowl champion called hanging out with the Beatles legend a “once in a lifetime experience” and thinks McCartney is an “awesome dude” who’s extremely “down to earth.”

Apparently the rock n’ roll icon was also a big fan of Gronk and his onstage antics at Fenway Park. The tight end revealed that McCartney told him that he really dug his dance moves.

“He liked them, so it was awesome. It got the energy flowing,” Gronk says. “It was a blast hanging with him.”

While the latest summer of Gronk is coming to a close, the Patriots star is actually excited to trade in all of the fun off-season activities in order to focus on getting ready for another year on the gridiron.

Although Gronk’s pretty much done it all so far in 2016, the one thing the tight end wishes he was able to do is get in on the Pokémon Go craze since he’s a huge Pikachu fan.

“No I haven’t [been playing],” Gronk says. “But I need to. I see everyone playing it.”