John Oliver Gives the Dropkick Murphys a Shoutout in Segment on Campaign Songs

He praised the 'angry Boston hooligans' on Last Week Tonight.

Since everyone from Steven Tyler to Queen is furious at Donald Trump for using their songs during his campaign without their permission, John Oliver decided to tackle the subject of unauthorized music at political events on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight.

While the Republican presidential nominee received the most attention for his many egregious uses of popular tunes, the HBO host did bring up a few other famous cases of politicians going to war with rock ’n’ roll bands.

Oliver gave the Dropkick Murphys a nice shoutout for their Twitter callout of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who used the Celtic rockers’s hit “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” during the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit. As huge supporters of labor unions, the band was not happy with Walker over his anti-union views.

The comedian had a good laugh over the Dropkick Murphys’s tweet and praised the group for their use of grammar.

“They may be angry Boston hooligans, but I’ll say this about the Dropkick Murphys: they know when to properly use the word ‘literally,'” Oliver said.

The segment ended with a pretty hilarious music video meant to dissuade politicians from using artists’s music without their permission, starring Usher, Josh Groban, and more.

Check out the full clip above.