Elizabeth Banks Pulled a Donald Trump at the DNC

The Hunger Game actress took a page out of the Republican nominee's book during her entrance at the Democratic National Convention.

Elizabeth Banks

Photo by J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Elizabeths from Massachusetts are having a lot of fun ragging on Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

While Elizabeth Warren used her big speech on Monday to rally against the Republican nominee, actress and Massachusetts native Elizabeth Banks took a different approach on Tuesday night. Parodying Trump’s entrance at the Republican National Convention last week, the Hunger Games star walked on to the stage in a similar manner, complete with Queen’s “We Are the Champions” playing in the background.

“I don’t usually say this about Donald Trump, but that was over the top,” Banks said in the opening of her speech. “I confirmed it, just now.”

Banks went on to call out Trump during her speech in support of Hillary Clinton, as she joked that the Republican candidate copied her character’s look from the Hunger Games series.

“Some of you know me from the Hunger Games in which I play Effie Trinket, a cruel, out of touch, reality TV star who wears insane wigs while delivering longwinded speeches to a violent dystopia,” Banks said. “So when I tuned into Cleveland last week, I was like, ‘Hey, that’s my act.'”

The actress also gave her hometown of Pittsfield a nice shoutout while talking about the importance of this year’s election.

“When I think about what this election means for America, I think about my family,” she said. “My father, a Vietnam vet, worked the second and third shifts on the factory floor of my hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. My mother worked at the library and the local bank. And they worked hard. They struggled.”

Check out Banks’s full speech below.