Matt Damon Loved Ben Affleck’s Rant About Tom Brady and Deflategate

'Boston fans, we're a little crazy.'

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Photo by Randy Holmes / ABC

Matt Damon shared a few of his thoughts about Tom Brady and Deflategate on Tuesday’s episode of the Rich Eisen Show.

While the Jason Bourne star is still pretty peeved about the situation, he didn’t get nearly as fired up as his pal Ben Affleck over the controversy. However, Damon did admit to Eisen that he loved his BFF’s epic rant on Bill Simmons’s Any Given Wednesday.

“Boston fans, we’re a little crazy,” Damon said. “We take this stuff very seriously.”

In addition to sharing a laugh over Affleck’s tirade, Damon broke down some of his issues with the whole Brady fiasco. The actor went full Mark Watney as he used science to drop knowledge about the controversy.

“There was absolutely no science involved, they were giving them this cantaloupe test,” Damon said. “And when they switched his balls out at halftime of that Colts game, I don’t think people remember that Tommy went out and scored four straight touchdowns with the new, overinflated balls that they gave him.”

Even though he’s not happy that Brady’s sitting out the first four games of the season, ultimately, the actor believes it will be a positive for the Patriots.

“Him pissed is a good thing for the New England Patriots’ faithful, we love seeing him like that,” Damon said. “He’s as focused a human being as I’ve met anyway.”

He added, “It could be a fun season for us.”

Check more from Damon’s interview with Eisen below.