A New Movie Is Being Made About the Boston Strangler Case

It's called Stranglehold.

Albert DeSalvo known as the Boston Strangler

Photo via AP

One of the most notorious crime cases in Boston history is getting another big Hollywood movie.

According to Variety, director Barry L. Levy and producers Todd Garner and Sean Robins are developing Stranglehold, a new film about the infamous Boston Strangler case. The upcoming movie will tell the “untold true story” of the task force assembled by the Massachusetts Attorney General to put an end to the string of unsolved murders in the 1960s.

The killings were eventually attributed to Albert DeSalvo, who was already serving time for another crime when he confessed to the murders in 1967. He was later killed in prison in 1973.

Despite the confession, there were longstanding concerns over if DeSalvo was actually involvement in the serial killings. However, new DNA evidence tied him to the last unsolved death in 2013, effectively ending any doubt over his guilt.

This isn’t the first project that’s been made about the Boston Strangler case. The 1964 film The Strangler was inspired by the mysterious killings, while the 1968 flick The Boston Strangler featured Tony Curtis as DeSalvo and also starred Henry Fonda.

Levy, who’s previous writing credits include Vantage Point and Paranoia, is writing the script for Stranglehold. The project will mark his directorial debut as well.

No date has yet been set for the release of Stranglehold, although casting is currently under way for the film.