Elizabeth Warren Had a Cameo in Doonesbury

Or at least, an 'Elizabeth' who tweets about Donald Trump did.

Elizabeth Warren may not have been selected as Hillary Clinton’s VP choice, but you could be forgiven for thinking she’s everywhere. And yet, it’s never her face—just her name or her voice. Her name turns out to be a Harry Potter character, Donald Trump exiled her on The Simpsons, and now she’s visiting the world of Garry Trudeau’s long-running political comic Doonesbury. More specifically, someone named “Elizabeth” who tweets about Donald Trump is.

The strip features the character of Joanie, a longtime political operative and lawyer, tweeting insults about Trump. She receives a phone call from Elizabeth Warren trying to convince her to unretire and help campaign against Trump, but Joanie is uninterested until she sees the effect Trump is having on her grandchildren—namely, that they’re fighting and using childish insults. Newly inspired by the harm he’s doing, she decides to join Warren.

It’s not the first time the two have interacted. Joanie “worked” on Warren’s Senatorial campaign. And the senator seems pretty pleased by the help, even if it’s fictional. She admitted to enjoying the original strips she appeared in, and after today’s strip, it looks like she’s a strong supporter of her newest staffer.

What’s next for the senator in the realm of fictional alter-egos? We’re hoping “Elizabeth Warren” is announced as the newest Ghostbuster, but we’d also settle for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.