How Boston Is the Band Boston?

Bassist Tracy Ferrie takes our highly unscientific survey.

Tracy Ferrie, bassist for Boston

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Boston the band is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year with a pair of shows at the Citi Wang Theatre. The venue, formerly known as the Music Hall, is meaningful to the group because it was the first place frontman Tom Scholz and an early incarnation of the band played following the success of their debut album in the ’70s.

In honor of Boston’s long-awaited return to the city, we had bassist and Berklee College of Music alumni Tracy Ferrie, who joined the group in 2012, take our highly unscientific survey to determine just how Boston the band really is these days. Much like Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, everything is made up and points don’t matter, because finding out how Boston you truly are can’t come from artificially assigned numbers. It has to come from the heart, kehd.

Check out Ferrie’s answers to our quiz below.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks?


2. New York ‘dirty water dogs’ or Fenway Franks?

Does Fenway have a veggie dog? Otherwise Fenway with Guldins mustard.

3. Do you use your ‘blinkah’ when driving?


4. How do you use ‘wicked’ in a sentence?

The band sounds wicked pissah.

5. Favorite Boston-set movie?

Fever Pitch. I was there in ’04 when they filmed the chase scene at Fenway after the game.

6. Please explain in 10 words or less why Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time?

Super Bowl champion QB.

7. How much snow is too much snow?

Any amount after April.

8. Do you know any of the words from ‘Sweet Caroline’ other than the chorus, ‘Ba, ba,ba?’

Absolutely and can play it in any key!

9. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of the T?

Green Line.

10. Clam chowder or lobster roll?


11. If you’re ‘from Boston’ does the word Boston need to be in your address?


12. Would you ever call Boston ‘Beantown’?


13. How much do the Yankees actually suck?

Evil Empire.

14. Where can you find the best pizza in Boston?

Pizzeria Regina.

15. Better brothers: Afflecks or Wahlbergs?


Verdict: Certified Bostonian

Between the hate for the Yankees and love for Tom Brady, it’s pretty clear that Ferrie is as about Boston as they come (we can forgive him for drinking Starbucks).

Boston performs at the Citi Wang Theatre Sunday and Monday, August 14 and 15. For more information, check out