WGBH Condemns Indecent Arthur Memes

The station that created the children's series is disappointed with the show's explicit associations.

When your network’s children’s series is associated with sexually explicit memes.

If you’re tired of the Arthur’s fist meme, it’s nothing compared to the disappointment that WGBH feels.

The network that created the children’s show spoke up about the popularity of Arthur memes on Wednesday. To the dismay of the station, many memes include images from the show mixed with foul language, sex, and drugs.

According to the Associated Press, a WGBH spokeswoman said in a statement that the network appreciates that the memes “have been created and shared in good fun” but are “disappointed by the few that are outside of good taste.”

The photo of Arthur’s clenched fist has been widely circulated to represent frustrating experiences. PETA, for example, tweeted the fist with a quip about dogs in hot cars.

Other memes have not been as family-friendly. Some suggest sexual situations between characters, and others insert offensive language and references to drugs.

Arthur was created in 1996, and is based off of the series of children’s books by Marc Brown. It continues to air on PBS, but was extremely popular with the generation cranking out these memes. While WGBH wants the images of Arthur making their rounds on the internet to be appropriate for viewers of all ages, their statement threw the internet a bone.

“We certainly are lucky to have a fan base that is so engaged with Arthur, especially those millennials who grew up with him,” said the spokeswoman.

For good measure, here’s an inexplicit Arthur meme for your enjoyment.