Stunning Sand Designs Are Returning to Boston’s Shores

Artist Andres Amador makes a living by etching in intertidal zones.

Andres Amador spends his days making stunning pieces of art, but within hours, the tide washes them away.

That’s because the San Francisco-based artist uses stretches of sand as his canvas, raking ornate patterns into intertidal zones around the world. On Friday, Amador returns to Boston for the second year in a row where he’ll work with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay on a few sandy designs.

Amador describes himself on Twitter as an “earthscape artist.” His temporary installations have graced the shores of places like New Zealand and South Africa. Most recently, he was etching between tides on Cape Cod, hosting art workshops in Provincetown and Eastham. Last week, Amador and Cape Cod beachgoers created meditational group artwork on First Encounter Beach. He posted a photo of the swirling, circular pattern, to his Facebook page.

Amador plans to visit three beaches in Boston this weekend. He’ll teach Bostonians how to make designs with his lone tool—a rake handle with a garden cultivator attached.

Andres Amador is scheduled to run a youth workshop on Carson Beach in South Boston on Friday, a public participation project on Dorchester’s Savin Hill Beach on Saturday, and another public project on Constitution Beach in East Boston on Sunday. For more information visit,

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Photo courtesy of Save the Harbor / Save the Bay