Mark Wahlberg Says People Always Mistake Him for Matt Damon

'I never correct anybody.'

Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg

Left Photo via; Right Photo via ‘Wahlburgers’ / A&E

Mark Wahlberg recently told Extra host Mario Lopez that a lot of fans have mistaken him for Matt Damon over the years.

“People call me, they always say they love me in the Bourne Identity,” Wahlberg said. “I just say thank-you.”

While most people should be able to tell them apart by now, you have to admit, they do look pretty similar. Plus, both of them also happen to be good-looking, successful actors from Boston who share an undying love for Tom Brady, so fans can be forgiven for any mixups.

Wahlberg revealed to Lopez that he’s not the only victim of mistaken identity. Fans often come up to Damon thinking he’s the guy from Ted.

“Matt always gets it all the time too,” Wahlberg said. “They talk about, ‘I loved you in Ted,’ or one of these other movies I’ve been in. We just kind of laugh it off.”

The Wahlburgers star has some fun when the mixups happen and doesn’t correct fans who think he’s Damon.

“I never correct anybody,” Wahlberg said. “I just say we have another one coming out. Watch me in the Bourne Identity 4 this summer.”

Check out more from Wahlberg’s chat with Lopez below.