Boston Hosts Its First-Ever Red Bull Flugtag Competition

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Teams of daring souls took flight today over the Charles River for the first-ever Red Bull Flugtag competition in Boston.

Here are some highlights:

For starters, the teams definitely knew their audience. The wings for a Revolutionary War-themed group called Two if By sea had the words “Free Brady” spelled out on them in big block letters, and one team member in period garb gave a shout-out to Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson and the controversial quarterback, “our current Patriot.”

Crowd-pleaders over here.

— Spencer Buell (@SpencerBuell) August 20, 2016

A cathartic moment was had by all when “Break Down Charlie,” fashioned to look like a Red Line Train, careened over the platform’s edge.

New MBTA line in Boston #RedBullFlugtag breakdowncharlie

— Michael Shanler (@MichaelShanler) August 20, 2016

“I think we can do a pretty good representation of the MBTA Red Line today by breaking down,” quipped team captain EJ Ciramella, a few hours before liftoff.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, this train is being taken out of service.”

— Zachary Agush (@zagush) August 20, 2016

There was this: an impressive dragon-shaped airplane carried woman dressed like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

The Mother of Dragons, everybody.

— Spencer Buell (@SpencerBuell) August 20, 2016

It didn’t go so well.

This #GameofThrones team’s Khaleesi doesn’t have dragons.

— Andrew Husband (@AndrewHusband) August 20, 2016

Things didn’t always go swimmingly.

One of a pair of skydivers botched a grand entrance when he swooped past the platform and careened into the water (he was fine).

All afternoon, the wind blew right toward the aircrafts, limiting even the best-designed planes’ flights.

Especially for the big ones, things went wrong fast.

Things went so wrong so fast for #voteflyingfranks.

— Spencer Buell (@SpencerBuell) August 20, 2016

A team of MIT engineers clad in banana suits, called the Monkey Ballers had to watch what appeared to be a very carefully crafted flying device do a wicked nosedive right into the drink.

TAKING FLIGHT! The @MIT team rocking it, briefly, in the #RedBullFlugtag! Amazing time down on the Charles.

— Eli Rosenberg (@EliRosenbergTV) August 20, 2016

The Red Bull safety crew had to pay extra attention to the team’s pilot, who was visibly dazed after the jump. Team members tell Boston he was taken to a nearby hospital with a broken wrist.

Meanwhile, the boys at Barstool Sports failed in spectacular fashion aboard a flying pirate ship.

The Barstool Pirates take off!

— Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) August 20, 2016

Four teams split the afternoon’s five awards. A solid showing from a team called Flite-Riot earned them first-place.

They came. They flew. They’re the current farthest distance holders.

— Mark Novak (@TransitMark) August 20, 2016

And then, there was this: A creative visual gag from the (second-place-winning) fart-joke-inspired team What Sphinx, recorded in slow motion for your viewing pleasure.

Hats off to team #VoteWhatSphinx: “The Giant Flyin’ Fart Lion.”

— Spencer Buell (@SpencerBuell) August 20, 2016

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