John Krasinski Became a Cooking Pro Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio

He explained why on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel

Photo by Randy Holmes / ABC

It only took close to four decades, but John Krasinski finally learned how to cook and it’s all thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The former Office star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to chat about his latest directorial effort The Hollars, and made the culinary revelation to the late-night host. While Krasinski admitted that he began his kitchen odyssey as a Mother’s Day gift for his wife Emily Blunt, he’s now a cooking pro and creates dishes on a weekly basis after losing a DiCaprio-themed bet.

“It’s every week now because I lost a bet,” Krasinski said. “Emily said something about Leonardo DiCaprio being 41 and I said, ‘How dare you.’ I said that cherub of a man, I think that was my quote, that cherub of a talent, it can’t be more than 28. I said he’s not more than 40.”

Blunt bet her husband that, if she were right about DiCaprio’s age, then he would have to cook for her every week. But if Krasinski was right, then his wife would allow him to play Call of Duty once a week.

It turns out that it was Krasinski’s better half who was correct as DiCaprio is 41 years old. It’s a good thing that the actor is a solid cook, well, at least better than fellow Boston celebrity Matt Damon, according to Ming Tsai.

Check out more from Krasinski’s chat with Kimmel below.